Name Index Address Mode Default value Description
config 0 0x0000 Read, Write 0x0 Configuration register.
command 1 0x0004 Write-pulse 0x0
  start   0 0b0 Start a read and write cycle.
status 2 0x0008 Read 0x0
  idle   0 0b0 '1' when the module is inactive and a new run can be launched.

'0' when the module is working.
  counter   8:1 0b00000000 Number of AXI bursts that have finished.
irq_status 3 0x000C Read, Write-pulse 0x0 Reading a '1' in this register means the corresponding interrupt has triggered. Writing to this register will clear the interrupts where there is a '1' in the written word.
irq_mask 4 0x0010 Read, Write 0x0 A '1' in this register means that the corresponding interrupt is enabled.
version 5 0x0014 Read 0x3 Version number for this module
  version   7:0 0b00000011 Version field.
Register array addrs, repeated 2 times. Iterator i ∈ [0, 1].
read_addr 6 + i × 2 0x0018 + i × 0x0008 Read, Write 0x0 Where to read data from.
write_addr 7 + i × 2 0x001C + i × 0x0008 Read, Write 0x0 Where to write data.