About tsfpga

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tsfpga is a development platform that aims to streamline the code structure and user experience in your FPGA project. With its python build/simulation flow it is perfect for CI/CD and test-driven development. Focus has been placed on flexibility and modularization, achieving scalability even in very large multi-vendor code bases.

This website contains readable documentation for the project. To check out the source code go to the gitlab page. To install see the PyPI page.

Key features

  • Source code centric project structure: Build projects, test configurations, constraints, IP cores, etc. are handled close to the source code.

  • Automatically adds build/simulation sources if a recognized folder structure is used.

  • Enables local VUnit configuration setup without multiple run.py.

  • Handling of IP cores and simlib for your simulation project, with automatic re-compile when necessary.

  • Python-based parallel Vivado build system.

  • Tightly integrated with hdl_registers. Register code generation will be performed before each simulation and each build.

  • Released under the very permissive BSD 3-Clause License.

The maintainers place high focus on quality, with everything having good unit test coverage and a thought-out structure. The project is mature and used in many production environments.